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Thursday, 17 January, 2008

  • Newsnight
  • 17 Jan 08, 05:25 PM

plane203x100.jpgTonight on Newsnight, we begin with the crash landing at Heathrow of British Airways flight 038 from Beijing this lunchtime. There are reports that the pilot lost all avionics - all power failed just prior to landing. The pilots managed to bring it down just short of the runway. Some passengers are being treated at a local hospital but no lives were lost. So what happened to this Boeing 777?
We will bring you as much detail and analysis as we can muster and we are bidding for the Chief Executive of BA Willie Walsh.

Also tonight - is the government inadvertently funding the visits to Britain of controversial radical Muslim clerics?
On the day that the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith gave a speech on measures the government is taking to prevent radicalisation, is the government engaging with the right organisations? Richard Watson has uncovered evidence that a government funded organisation is using speakers to address young British Muslims who fundamentally disagree with democracy.

And Tim Burton turns Stephen Sondheim's musical Sweeney Todd into a celluloid gothic horror show, with Johnny Depp as the demon barber. Tonight Newsnight has the first British interview with the star.

Prospects for Thursday, 17 January

  • Newsnight
  • 17 Jan 08, 10:24 AM

Carol Rubra is today's programme producer. Here is her early email to the team.

Good morning,

We have lots of space on the programme today so it's a good opportunity for us to go our own way and make some news.

This is what is planned...

Jacqui Smith is giving a speech about terrorism and how to prevent vulnerable people becoming radicalised by extremist websites. Richard Watson will be covering it as part of our series of films over the last couple of days on this topic. Let's have a think about ideas for guests.

Sweeney Todd - Newsnight has interviewed Johnny Depp, Tim Burton and Timothy Spall about the new film version of Stephen Sondheim's musical.

After that… it's up to us…

Global food inflation - what lies behind it and what is the impact on the British economy?

British Council - there could be more developments today. The Director of the British Council is making a statement and so is David Miliband.

Decision today on whether the use of hybrid embryos will be allowed.

GPs could save the NHS £200m by prescribing more generic drugs. MPs recommend that GPs should be obliged to declare gifts received from pharmaceutical companies.
Meanwhile EU regulators are investigating the delays in the production of generic drugs. But are generic drugs always the best choice for patients?

Peter Hain - the Electoral Commission are meeting to discuss Peter Hain's failure to declare donations to his deputy leadership campaign.

Traffic - there has been a huge growth in traffic, particularly in rural areas according to new figures. So should the government be building more roads? Or do we need road pricing?

See you at 10.30

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