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Wednesday, 16 January, 2008

  • Newsnight
  • 16 Jan 08, 07:09 PM

Tonight on Newsnight we've another disturbing film about how terrorists operate here in Britain. Last night we heard how a website with a known record of support for Al Qaeda had announced the formation of a branch of the organisation in Britain. Tonight we have the story of "Terrorist 007". It is the compelling tale of how a young man ran a cyber terror network from his home in West London.

Mark Urban has been looking into Russian-British relations. Last night Stephen Kinnock - son of Lord Kinnock and the director of the British Council office in St Petersburg - was arrested. The British Council offices in the two cities are now closed. How strained are relations now between Britain and Russia?

Peter Hain has been answering questions today in Parliament - about Wales. Michael Crick is trying to ask different ones about the donations to his failed deputy leadership campaign. Do find out whether Michael succeeds in getting any answers.

And we plan to debate the Diana Inquest - and the media circus that is surrounding the event, lawyers permitting.

All will be revealed at 10.30pm

Simon Enright

Mickey mouse operation...

  • Newsnight
  • 16 Jan 08, 03:47 PM

mouse203.jpgSome of you may recall reports of much excitement in the Newsnight offices a couple of years back following the return of the Newsnight mouse. The programme used to host many a rodent as Jeremy pointed out at the time.

Well, after an extended sojourn (Today programme, Panorama, Shepherd's Bush market, who knows) our furry friend returned this afternoon. Cue shrieks and scattered chairs.

The BBC's crack rodent catcher has just been in and laid a series of traps. They look like the non-lethal kind, but an email advises us, "if you notice a strange smell (i.e. dead mouse) let us know and we'll come and check it out".

Is the Diana inquest a waste of time and money?

  • Newsnight
  • 16 Jan 08, 11:16 AM

diana203x100.jpgTen years on an we're still reading tawdry headlines about Princess Diana.

So far her long-awaited inquest has heard a host of reheated conspiracy theories and evidence has included vital details such as:

Diana was called "a whore"

An "alternative therapist" believed Prince Philip wrote "cruel and disparaging" letters to the Princess

Diana had contraceptive pills in her possession, a witness claimed

A holistic healer claimed Diana's driver Henri Paul was a "maniac"

Do we really need to pay millions of public money for such details? Is the inquest a necessary exercise in transparency, or has it become a shameful circus? Let us know what you think..

Prospects for Wednesday, 16 January

  • Newsnight
  • 16 Jan 08, 10:15 AM

Simon Enright is today's programme producer. Here is his early email to the team.

Hi All,

Strong story last night about Al Qaeda in Britain. Can we match it?

Michael Crick is back from his sick bed today so we'll be asking him to pursue the latest on Peter Hain. It’s Welsh questions today so maybe Mr Hain will answer some of the questions there that he's refusing to answer on the TV/Media circuit.

MPs vote on their own pay today. Should we debate this and what question should we ask?

Also Security Correspondent Gordon Corera tells the story of the terrorist who called himself 007 - linking networks from his bedroom in London.

But what else shall we do today?

Is it time we debated the Diana inquest? Can it ever do anything other than feed conspiracy theories?

Is there a debate in the Charity Commission’s new guidance which scares some private schools?

OR is there a story you think we should do? Jeremy promised something fun today - so how do we deliver that?


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