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Get Carter!

  • Michael Crick
  • 7 Jan 08, 06:12 PM

So Gordon Brown seems finally to have appointed someone to fill the kind of “chief of staff” political advisory role which Jonathan Powell carried out so successfully throughout Tony Blair’s premiership.

Stephen Carter, who has just been made the Downing Street Head of Strategy, has an impressive CV, holding a string of four chief executive jobs by the age of 43: the big advertising agency J.Walter Thompson; the broadcaster NTL; the communications regulator OFCOM; and most recently as boss of the top business public relations firm Brunswick.

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Monday, 7 January, 2008

  • Newsnight
  • 7 Jan 08, 05:15 PM

Prevention - Better than Cure?
Gordon Brown this morning announced plans for a national screening programme for heart disease, strokes, kidney disease and other conditions. It's all part, he says, of a plan to make the NHS focus more on "preventative" rather than simply "curative" treatments. Already though his plans have met with a mixed reaction - the BMA have complained that there is no point screening for conditions that they don't have the money to treat, and even the UK National Screening Committee have questioned whether it is the best use of NHS resources. We'll debate Brown's vision for the health service.

How Kibera Was "Cleared"
Paul Mason has a powerful film on how the huge shanty town of Kibera in Nairobi was torn apart by ethnic violence following the contested Kenyan election. Over the course of a single night a multi-ethnic neighbourhood was brutally cleared of members of the Kikuyu community. He has filmed extensively in the area and meets with one Kikuyu in fear of her life who is in hiding in the shanty town.

Clinton vs Obama
Plus, Hilary Clinton's desperate attempts to halt Barack Obama in New Hampshire. What must she do now, and could it already be too late?

A question of age

  • Michael Crick
  • 7 Jan 08, 12:29 PM

So which British political party would select a leader who was 71? OK, John McCain hasn't won the Republican nomination yet, but for him even to be leading contender for the US presidency is in stark contrast to Britain, where our party leaders seem to get younger and younger. McCain will be 72 by the time of this November's presidential poll.

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