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Friday, 4 January, 2008

  • Newsnight
  • 4 Jan 08, 05:23 PM

US Elections

obama.jpgCould the US really elect a black president? With Barack Obama's success in Iowa last night that's the question many are asking. The focus now turns to New Hampshire and the first real test for all the candidates in next week's primary. David Grossman is already on the scene and he'll be giving us his assessment of the long political battle ahead. We'll be asking leading US pollster, John Zogby about the significance of these first results.


Archbishop Desmond Tutu - who's in Kenya to broker a resolution to the country's political crisis has said President Mwai Kibaki appears open to the idea of forming a coalition. Mr Kibaki's spokesman also said today he had also not ruled out opposition demands for a re-run of last week's disputed presidential elections. Paul Mason is in Kenya for us and is examining the political paralysis within the opposition ODM party. Is the mass action strategy against Kibaki's government having any effect?

UK Economy in 2008

We'll be looking at the prospects for the UK economy in the year ahead with Stephanie Flanders and leading economists and politicians. Are we heading for an economic big chill? Will the UK be able to weather the effects of the credit crunch? And what will happen to the housing market and Northern Rock?

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