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Welcome to the caucus circus

  • David Grossman
  • 3 Jan 08, 05:52 PM

Republican candidate Mike Huckabee in IowaThe State of Iowa cherishes its “first in the nation status” - it gets to start choosing the candidates who will eventually run for president before anyone else gets a look in.

Over recent years other states have tried to leapfrog Iowa and sneak into the process before them, but the Iowans are a jealous lot and have moved their caucus to the first week of the year. So there.

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Thursday, 3 January, 2008

  • Newsnight
  • 3 Jan 08, 05:10 PM


kenya_protests203x100.jpgNewsnight's Paul Mason is in Nairobi and he'll bring us the latest developments and we'll be looking more widely at how the political stalemate can be resolved and at what the implications are for the "war on terror".


David Grossman is in Iowa as the first test of American public opinion in the 2008 elections - the Iowa caucuses - gets underway. With gatherings in homes and small meeting halls across the state, this is as close as a modern democracy gets to Athenian democracy of more than 2,000 years ago. Obama? Clinton? And what of the Republicans?

Politics in 2008

Is it possible to predict what the big political stories are going to be in 2008? Michael Crick will look ahead at the challenges for the three main leaders in the coming year and our political panel will join me in the studio.


George Macdonald Fraser, author of the Flashman books has died. The character he created fought, drank and womanised his way around the British Empire, so what do people see in Brigadier General Sir Harry Paget Flashman?

What now for Kenya?

  • Newsnight
  • 3 Jan 08, 10:57 AM

Police in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, have used water cannon and tear gas to stop people joining an opposition rally kenya_mob203x152.jpgprotesting against the outcome of the presidential election.

The march, banned by the Kenyan authorities, was organised by the opposition leader, Raila Odinga, who accuses President Mwai Kibaki of stealing the election.

There has been violence across the country, including the burning of a church in Eldoret in which more than 30 people, including 13 young children, died.

About 300 people have been killed and at least 70,000 driven from their homes across Kenya since Sunday.

kenya_police203x100.jpgDespite international calls for calm, there seems to be no immediate end to the post-election crisis and violence in sight.

Newsnight's Paul Mason is on his way to Nairobi, but we want to hear from those who have been affected by the unrest in Kenya - both from overseas and from within the country.

What have you seen? And what are your hopes and fears for Kenya's future now?

Prospects for Thursday, 3 January

  • Newsnight
  • 3 Jan 08, 10:17 AM

Carol Rubra is today's programme producer - here is her early email to the team.

Good morning,

Kenya - Opposition leaders are making their way to Uhuru Park for the million people rally but it's not yet clear how many supporters will try to reach the stadium. There are also various diplomatic efforts to calm the situation. Paul is on his way. Any thoughts on who we should interview?

Iowa - The US begin the process of selecting candidates for the Presidential elections tonight. David Grossman is there.

Politics in 2008 - We have a political preview of the coming year. What are the issues, challenges and flashpoints for each of the parties? Our political panel are booked.

Flashman - George Macdonald Fraser - misogynist, misanthrope and all round cad - yet the novels are loved so what do people see in Flashman?

Or are there other stories we should be doing?


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