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Wednesday, 19 December, 2007

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  • 19 Dec 07, 06:14 PM


guantamemo.jpgThree British residents who were being held by the US at Guantanamo Bay have been released and are due to land in the UK at any moment. British police are accompanying them on the flight. What's not clear is what will happen to them when they get here - the Pentagon insists they still pose a danger to the public, and the Tories say they are yet to receive reassurances from the government about how they intend to protect the public from these "dangers". Newsnight reported key revelations about one of the released men some years ago. Tonight - we assess how much of a danger these men are, and debate how they should be treated on their return.

Russian Art

It seems that a high profile exhibition of art due to open at the Royal Academy in London in January is to be cancelled. The Russian government is on the verge of making the move, claming that the art - which belongs to Russian galleries such as Hermitage in St Petersburg - could be seized to settle private legal claims. But it comes just days after Russia demanded that the British Council close its branch offices in the New Year, in the wake of the row over the murder of former Russian agent Alexander Litvinenko. So the cooling of relations now seems to be impacting on Britain and Russia's cultural ties. We'll have the latest.

Mark Ronson

ronson.jpgOnly a year ago - you'd might never heard of him. The chances are that you have now. And even if you haven't, you've probably been humming his tunes without even knowing it. Mark Ronson has burst on to the music scene this year. His collaboration with Amy Winehouse and his album of covers - "Version" - have earned him a coveted Grammy nomination and a legion of fans. Our Culture Correspondent Steve Smith caught up with him for one of our End of Year Interviews. And if you want to know how Amy Winehouse's single "Rehab" came to be written - then it's a must watch.

What Happened Next?

Remember the hundreds of haemophiliacs whom Newsnight revealed had been infected with HIV in the 1980s? Remember the Iraqi translators who worked for British troops but were refused asylum here? Remember the head of a so-called "vulture fund" known as "Goldfinger"? Tonight, we'll be updating you on some of the key investigations Newsnight has worked on this year. And one or two of the lighter items too.

Prospects for Wednesday, 19 December

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  • 19 Dec 07, 10:26 AM

Liz Gibbons is today's programme producer - here is her early email to the team.

Brown's last press conference of the year at 11am - he's bringing Alistair Darling along. So I think he's anticipated the likely line of questioning. Should we assess the state of Brown's premiership? Who do you want to hear from?

Stephanie is trawling through the minutes of the MPC interest rates decision - published this morning.

We've got an update on some of the investigations we ran this year in the form of a 14-ish minute piece.

And - oh my god I can't believe it - an end of year interview with Mark Ronson.

Anything else we should be pursuing?

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