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Thursday, 13 December, 2007: Boozenight

  • Newsnight
  • 13 Dec 07, 05:28 PM

We're devoting almost all our programme tonight to Boozenight.

booze_203_100.jpgThis is not an attempt to put you off your Christmas cheer. Most of us in the Newsnight office like a glass or two. Or three. Or more. And that's where the problem comes.

Many of us have been shocked how our own drinking consumption appears to mount up. Shocked too at the state of our streets on a Friday and Saturday night.

And surprised at the findings of our opinion poll, specially commissioned for the programme, which demonstrates clearly that as a nation we are worried about booze - indeed we think it more harmful to our society than heroin or cocaine, and a majority of us want the drinking age raised to 21.

It's all very interesting, provocative and disturbing, and it kicks off with the award winning film maker Paul Watson going back to the four alcoholics he filmed seeking treatment in hospital. What has happened to them in their difficult journey - they hoped - towards sobriety?

All week we've been debating many of the issues concerning the country over alcohol - click here to join those debates or leave your comments below.

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