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Wednesday, 12 December, 2007

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  • 12 Dec 07, 05:10 PM

We're leading tonight's programme with a special Newsnight investigation.

In October the influential think tank, the Policy Exchange, produced a report which hit the headlines. They investigated 100 mosques around Britain and claimed that 25 of them were disseminating extremist literature.

Newsnight had been working on a detailed film based on this report but, as we were checking the evidence which underpinned the findings, we began to find some discrepancies which gave us cause for concern.

All will be revealed on the programme.


You may remember management guru Gerry Robinson's mission to "Save the NHS".

A year ago he was called in to Rotherham District General Hospital - and his findings were reported in a BBC TWO documentary.

The hospital faced an uncertain future, was struggling to cope with long-waiting lists, staff morale was low and there was a culture of mistrust between consultants and managers.

A year on, Gerry Robinson returns to Rotherham - and finds that much has changed for the better.

But he's now concerned that much of the good work could be undone by changes in government policy.

Is he right to be worried? He'll go head-to-head with David Nicholson, the Chief Executive of the NHS, on the programme tonight.

You can see the full Gerry Robinson documentary at 9pm tonight on BBC TWO.


And we'll have reaction to the Police Federation's call for the Home Secretary to resign over the police pay deal.

Prospects for Wednesday, 12 December

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  • 12 Dec 07, 12:01 PM

Today's output editor is Liz Gibbons. Here's her morning e-mail to the production team.

We have an investigation Richard Watson and Nick Menzies have been working on about Muslim extremism. More details later.

Gerry Robinson is still trying to save the NHS - an update of his documentary goes out tonight at 9pm on BBC2. Gerry Robinson is coming on to discuss his latest findings with the Chief Exec of the NHS, David Nicholson.

That leaves us room for one or two other stories - what do you fancy?

Brown's new Afghan policy? Police pay - could we find out who the disgruntled ministers are?

It's Brown's last PMQs of the year too.

Who should pay?

  • Newsnight
  • 12 Dec 07, 11:36 AM

The third in our series of debates this week ahead of Thursday's special programme, Boozenight:

boozenhs203.jpgDoctors have warned of an alarming rise in the number of patients they are seeing with alcohol-related diseases.

We spend more on treating drug-related illness than we do alcohol. But the NHS nevertheless spends a huge amount of money in this area.

Is it time to cut back or do we need to spend more? Should the NHS be paying to treat people with alcohol-related conditions at all? Should the drinks industry play a part in this treatment?

And does a patient in need of a liver transplant because of alcohol abuse deserve to get one?

The third in our series of extracts from Rain In My Heart is now online. Click here for more details

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