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Thursday, 6 December, 2007

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  • 6 Dec 07, 05:26 PM

Home Secretary Jacqui SmithIt is 28 - it was going to be 90 or 56 or maybe even 58 - now 42 is the magic number. That is of course the number of days terrorist suspects could be held for without being charged. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith says the proposed extension would only be used in exceptional cases.

We'll be speaking to the home secretary about these controversial proposals on the programme tonight. And we'll be debating the civil liberties and political issues involved.
Smith plans 42-day terror limit

Secret Donors Scandal
We hope to bring you new revelations in the Labour donor story. Paul Mason is currently on the case. Watch this space.

Interest rates
Stephanie Flanders will give us the benefit of her wisdom on the interest rate cut - who are the winners and losers?
UK interest rates trimmed to 5.5%

Miscarriage of justice?
Imagine serving a life sentence for child murder - and being innocent. In 2005 Suzanne Holdsworth was convicted of brutally murdering a toddler - whom she was babysitting when he fell fatally ill. But now new scientific evidence given to Newsnight suggests she might have had nothing at all to do with his death. John Sweeney reports on what could be another miscarriage of justice.
Read John Sweeney's article and watch a preview of tonight's film.

Strictly MPC

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  • 6 Dec 07, 12:11 PM

Ken Clarke MP votes for 'no change'Ahead of today's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) decision to cut interest rates, last night we assembled our own MPC to discuss the underlying issues amid signs the economy is slowing - falling house prices, fewer mortgages being approved, tumbling consumer confidence and shop windows full of price reductions.

Jeremy was joined by former chancellor Ken Clarke, and expert economists Dr Ruth Lea, Martin Wolf, Dr Irwin Stelzer and our own Stephanie Flanders.

At the end we asked them all to hold up cards to show how they would vote if they were on the MPC. Stephanie, being thoroughly independent, of course declined but she did predict there would be 'no change'. The others were split, two for a 0.25% cut, two for 'no change'.

Following what had been a extraordinarily enlightening and very detailed economic debate, some people thought the vote a bit of a stunt. We rather enjoyed it but what do you think? Did the cards work for you?

Thursday's prospects

  • Newsnight
  • 6 Dec 07, 10:28 AM

Robert Morgan is today's programme producer. Here's his early email to the team.

Good morning,

smith203x100.jpgThere are quite a few good stories today. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has just announced plans to extend the period that terrorism suspects can be held without charge for up to 42 days. In an attempt to win over critics, it is planned to give MPs a role in any decision to let police hold suspects for more than the current 28-day limit.

There's the MPC interest rates decision at 12 noon, a new Abrahams story and the canoeist yarn continues. Do come to the meeting armed with ideas on these and other stories.

We've got a strong film on a new potential miscarriage of justice from John Sweeney and Richard Pattinson.
Doubt cast on baby death verdict - read John's story in full here

See you in a minute,


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