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Thursday, 22 November, 2007

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  • 22 Nov 07, 05:53 PM

Those Missing Discs
Emails have just been released by the National Audit Office confirming that HM Revenue and Customs officials were thinking about the cost implications of trimming down the amount of data given to the National Audit Office concerning benefits claimants. We'll be getting the latest on this story and political reaction.
Officials 'warned on data safety'

heathrow203.jpgLondon's Heathrow airport is the place we love to hate. Working almost at full capacity, the government now is considering whether there should be a new runway for Heathrow. But it seems they've already made up their mind to have a Third runway. What sort of consultation is that? The aviation minister and a leading opponent of the expansion plans debate the issues live.
Heathrow expansion plans unveiled

England's pub team performance against Croatia last night provoked heated debate in the Newsnight office over whether the blame lay with the players or the managers. (Yes.) Anyway - it also raised the question of whether the British are good at managing ANYTHING -- not Northern Rock, not Revenue and Customs, not the England Football Team... hmmm... if we can get some lively performers, we'll have a debate.
Where it went wrong for McClaren

Ozzie Rules
We're in Australia for the general election in which Prime Minister John Howard - if you believe the opinion polls - could be about to come unstuck. Nick Bryant's been finding out what's gone wrong.
Nick Bryant's Australian election blog

Thursday's prospects

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  • 22 Nov 07, 01:42 PM

heathrow203.jpgRobert Morgan is Thursday's programme producer. Here is his team email for the morning editorial meeting. What do you think we should cover?

Good morning,

A few good stories around today. There's Data, Heathrow and McLaren for starters. Ideas about how to do these stories or others are welcome.

Martin Shankleman has what promises to be a good expose on a modern sweatshop.

And Australian elections - Nick Bryant has an eve of election film for John Howard's constituency of Bennelong.

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