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Friday, 2 November, 2007

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  • 2 Nov 07, 05:52 PM

Tonight's presenter is Emily Maitlis:


blair_men_203.jpgThe moment opposition politicians start using phrases like “frankly untenable” you know someone's job is on the line. The Met Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair is confidently sticking to script, insisting he can and will stay in the post after the guilty verdict on the De Menezes shooting. But what's going on behind the scenes? Are there forces - no pun intended - at work to make him change his mind? And more importantly, perhaps, just how will this verdict affect the way this country is policed in future? The Mayor of London fears we could end up with a force so bogged down in health and safety regulations it loses the ability to act in our best interest.

Northern Rock

Each British taxpayer has essentially had to stump up £730 a head - through Bank of England loans - to keep this business going. On top of that, the treasury has also indemnified a further £20 billion of deposits. The burden of responsibility this places on the Chancellor is huge. Is it a price worth paying if it saves the system from collapse? For how long can it realistically continue? What are the alternatives for the Bank of England and the Chancellor?


The immigration picture in this country is pretty baffling. Not least, it's emerged this week, to the Home Office. But tonight, we examine how this country looks from the other side. If you're an immigrant is it an easy, attractive, welcoming place to live? We ask those who've come to live in Britain from Poland, Afghanistan, Iraq and Nigeria.

Thanks very much for all the suggestions on the blog, some of which we've managed to reflect.

Thank Newsnight it's Friday

  • Newsnight
  • 2 Nov 07, 10:29 AM

Today’s output editor is Robert Morgan – here are his early thoughts about how to fill tonight’s half hour....

Good morning,

I'm genuinely open to any new ideas today. There are a few strong contenders for stories.

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