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Monday, 22 October, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 22 Oct 07, 05:49 PM

Genetic Pioneer

We've decided to give over a big part of tonight’s programme to a man who can fairly claim to be among the most controversial scientists in the world.

He's Craig Venter - famous for being part of the race to map out the human genetic code, and notorious (some say) for trying to patent human genes. We'll talk to him live about all that and his latest project to create life forms which can produce clean energy - and he'll also debate with his critics.

Also in the programme:


The Turkish Prime Minister is on his way to London as rebels of the Kurdish group the PKK kill more Turkish soldiers. The Turkish army is champing at the bit to strike back into the PKK heartland in northern Iraq. Nobody disputes Turkey's right to defend itself and its citizens - so what can be done?


Today's Commons clash over the new EU Treaty is the beginning of a long running debate that will probably run up to the next General Election. Michael Crick is on the case.

A Good Man In Africa?

Is awarding $5m in prize money the right way to get better governance in Africa. Discuss.

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