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Wednesday, 10 October, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 10 Oct 07, 06:59 PM

newpoliticslogo203credit.jpgWelcome to "the New Politics"

"For 10 years you have plotted and schemed to have this job, and for what? No conviction, just calculation. No vision, just a vacuum." Cameron on Brown.

"He said he wanted an end to the Punch and Judy show!" Brown on Cameron.

The Prime Minister promised us a "new politics," is this it and what do you think of it? The fortunes of the parties may have changed but has politics?

Talking of new, we've just launched our new Big Fat Newsnight Politics Page. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Jail a Politician?
Would the "new politics" gain a welcome boost if politicians could be prosecuted for telling lies? Film maker Richard Symons drafts just such a bill and puts it to senior Ministers and MPs. You can watch it now on our new politics page.

Undercover Mosque
You may remember the Channel 4 Undercover Mosque documentary which showed some inflammatory comments from local Imams. It was controversially referred to OFCOM by the West Midlands police, who claimed that the quotes "were a complete distortion." Peter Marshall has got hold of the transcript which suggests otherwise. Off the record, police sources have given him some fascinating comments. Was the local force trying to appease local radicals? Or genuinely thought the documentary biased and unfair?

Welcome to the Big Fat Newsnight Politics Page

  • Peter Barron
  • 10 Oct 07, 06:36 PM

You know how it is - you do a whole lot of work with one aim in mind and then circumstances change. Do you junk it or go with it anyway? If that's possibly how Alistair Darling felt this week we at Newsnight second that emotion.

In anticipation of a snap election our web boys had been frantically busy on what was to have been called The Big Fat Newsnight Election Website. The idea was simple. We know that many of our website devotees are also big consumers of other political sites and blogs.

Our aim was to provide the ultimate, must-bookmark, one-stop election shop where those of a psephological persuasion could wallow happily for hours. Sadly some of our planned election wares will never see the light of day, but here we present a slightly slimmed down Big Fat Newsnight Politics Page.

Let us know what you'd like to see here, or send us a link. The fatter the better.

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