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Friday, 5 October, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 5 Oct 07, 05:55 PM

Queen Row
queen203100.jpgToday the Controller of BBC One, Peter Fincham, resigned on the publication of the report into the Queengate row, in which a tape was wrongly edited to show the Queen marching out of a photo session with the American photographer Annie Leibovitz, and played to the press as part of the BBC's autumn launch.

The report paints a damning picture of both the BBC's role in the affair, and the actions of the independent production company making the series, a Year with The Queen. We'll be hearing from former Director General Greg Dyke - who made his own sharp exit from corporation - and asking senior BBC management where the corporation goes from here.

Michael Crick is back out on the hunt for clues to Gordon Brown's big nail biting decision, election or no election? He's been darting around some marginal seats, and talking to his deep throats. Does today's decision - after a 20 year wait - to go ahead with the London Crossrail project, signal a green light for Gordon?

We convene our top notch panel of political insiders for all the political gossip...

Newsnight Review
father203100.jpgPresenter John Wilson is joined by panellists Paul Morley, Tom Paulin and Marina Hyde to discuss a new movie starring Colin Firth, the latest Richard Harris novel along with theatre, art and a new poetry collection which mixes English and Punjabi.
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