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Monday, 1 October, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 1 Oct 07, 05:47 PM

Tory Tax Cuts
George Osborne"The death knell for the death tax" says Shadow Chancellor George Osborne, as he tells the Tory conference of his plans to raise the inheritance tax threshold to £1m. He also plans to scrap stamp duty for first time buyers on homes worth up to £250, 000. The cuts will be paid for by a charge on rich business people who register abroad for tax purposes. So will the plans revive Tory fortunes? Do the sums add up? And could the policy blitz change Gordon Brown's mind about the possibility of an autumn election? Emily is at the Conservative conference in Blackpool and will quiz a leading Shadow Cabinet member.

British Troops In Iraq

Mark Urban has some exclusive news about the future of British troops in Iraq - watch tonight to find out the full story.

Putin's Power Play
- or how the Russian leader plans to stay in charge after he steps down as President next year.

Putin has said today that he will run for election in December's parliamentary polls and says that suggestions that he might seek to become the next Russian Prime Minister are "entirely realistic." What's he up to, and can he get away with it?

Greenspan the Great?
What's it like to move markets with the odd Delphic utterance? Or to have Presidents and Prime Ministers eating out of your hand? Jeremy interviews the ex-Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan about his life at the top and his predictions for the world economy.

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