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Thursday, 27 September, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 27 Sep 07, 05:35 PM


Reports today from Burma suggest things have taken a turn for the worse. We'll examine what - realistically -- the outside world can do to help end the bloodshed. Diplomatic Editor, Mark Urban will bring us the latest.


Will he, won't he? Well, would you give up your job to help Labour next week? Some activists are being asked to do so. Does that add up to an election in November? Political Editor Michael Crick will read the tea leaves.


We've a follow up to our report on the conditions for some young workers in the pizza chain. The Chief Executive will respond to the new allegations and we hope to be joined by a Government minister responsible for the rights of workers.


She's the first female cellist to record Elgar's concerto since Jacqueline du Pre made it her trademark in 1965, but she's having to struggle with unsought comparisons to a tragic legend. Our Culture Correspondent, Madeleine Holt talks to her about the du Pre comparison, Elgar, plus sex and sales.

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