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Wednesday, 26 September, 2007

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  • 26 Sep 07, 06:51 PM


Watching ten thousand protesters march past the Embassy in Rangoon, the British Ambassador described today's demonstrations to us as "quite exceptional". He says despite nuns and monks having been beaten they will keep coming back onto the streets. Mark Canning also tells us of his 500 mile trip to meet the government. On the day the military junta began its crackdown we'll be hearing first hand accounts from inside Burma.

Following the Foreign Secretary David Miliband's interview with us yesterday on the extent of British investment in Burma, we have had further responses from the Foreign Office and the Burma Campaign which you can see posted on our website. Our Business Correspondent Paul Mason will attempt to clarify the position and to uncover the extent of British investment and trade with Burma.


We have an extraordinary film from video journalist Vaughan Smith. If you want to know what life is like for soldiers in Afghanistan this is the nearest you'll get to it.


And Michael Crick has been wandering around the Labour Party conference armed with his election calendar. He's been looking at November 1st and 8th as possible dates for a General Election. And he's been talking to psephologists and a former cabinet minister about what could be going through the Prime Minister's mind.

Do join Jeremy who's safely back in the studio, at 10:30pm tonight.

British investment in Burma

  • Newsnight
  • 26 Sep 07, 04:11 PM

Last night, during our coverage of the unfolding situation in Burma, we reported claims that the government has not stopped British companies trading with the Burmese regime and that Britain is the second biggest foreign investor in that country.

miliband_203nn.jpgDuring the interview that followed, the Foreign Secretary David Miliband rejected these claims, and said that as far as he knew there were no major companies still investing there. But he promised to clarify the situation and post it on the website.

You can see the Foreign Office statement, and a response from the Burma Campaign UK, by clicking here.

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