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Monday, 24 September, 2007

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  • 24 Sep 07, 04:28 PM

brownsmile203.jpg"I will not let you down," says Gordon Brown as he promises to build a "Britain of aspiration" in his first speech to the Labour conference as Prime Minister. But can he really "unlock the talents" of the British people and provide public services "personal to all"? Jeremy is at Labour's conference in Bournemouth and will be interviewing Cabinet Minister Jack Straw.

Plus, what do the voters think of the new Prime Minister and his Tory rival David Cameron? Frank Luntz speaks to a focus group of floating voters who are… err… less than flattering.

And the game that's sweeping the conference - Guess Gordon's Election Date.
I won't let you down, says Brown

Guest speakers are often welcomed within the hallowed walls of America's Ivy league colleges. Occasionally, they even have quite controversial things to say. But some cause more of a stir than others. Tonight, Iran's president will be welcomed at a question and answer session at Columbia University in New York.

Students will be able to ask Mahmoud Amadinejad about his government's policies, his Holocaust denial, and his alleged development of nuclear weapons. It promises to be quite a good watch, and we'll bring you the highlights, Match of the Day style, of Iran's answer to The Special One.
Burmese military threatens monks

It's been a huge show of dissent against a government not known for it's tolerance of dissent. Up to a hundred thousand protesters have marched through the streets of Rangoon - the sixth day of marches, sparked by economic worries over the government's rise in fuel prices.

The demonstrations in Burma have grown in size and confidence by the day. In fact few can understand why the ruling junta hasn't cracked down on them before now. Today, the first shot across the bows as the country's religious leader warned the many marching monks not to take their protests further, invoking images of the violence that occurred during the last crackdown. So will the protestors take heed? Or has the peace movement gathered enough momentum to carry on regardless?
Anger at Iran leader's NY speech

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