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Tuesday, 18 September, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 18 Sep 07, 02:22 PM

From tonight's presenter Gavin Esler

nrock.100gif.gifNorthern Wreck
The latest on Northern Rock - the Chancellor's offer to compensate every existing investor for every penny seems to be the right medicine to calm the turmoil - at least for now. But why did he take so long to administer it? We'll be speaking to the Chairman of the Financial Services Authority, Sir Callum McCarthy.

And on the day the US Federal reserve will pronounce on interest rates, we’ll be asking what is the outlook for the wider economy?

The Syrian Mystery
We know two things. We know that Israel bombed Syria. And we know that no-one in Israel or Syria will officially tell us why. We'll try to unravel the mystery.

We'll be speaking to a senior Syrian diplomat and former US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton. The Israeli Government don't seem to be keen to speak at the moment.

Carbon labels
Have you ever thought about the impact of a packet of crisps on the world? Walkers Crisps have put a label on their packets telling consumers how much carbon dioxide has been emitted making their product. It's part of a scheme by the Carbon Trust to get manufacturers to reduce their carbon emissions and get consumers thinking about carbon in products - which account for over half of the UK's carbon footprint. But will a label be enough to tackle climate change and what does 75g of carbon dioxide (the amount emitted from each packet of crisps) actually mean to consumers? Paul Mason reports.

Citizens' juries

  • Newsnight
  • 18 Sep 07, 12:54 PM

gb18_9.gifGordon Brown has launched his vision of 'New Politics' to broaden consultation in goverment decisions. Security, climate change, global competition, the NHS and schools could be opened up for public debate.

Which subjects do you think should be discussed and is a public forum the best way to do this? How effective do you think these forums will be in reality?

Let us know your thoughts by filling in the form below. You can also view other comments here or watch some video blogs by clicking here.

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