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Monday, 17 September, 2007

  • Gavin Esler
  • 17 Sep 07, 04:59 PM

Northern Rock
Northern RockPoliticians are calling for investors in Northern Rock not to panic. But a lot of investors are simply not listening, and have taken to high streets up and down the country to withdraw their money. Paul Mason has been in the queue with them. He's also been finding out the latest on any potential takeover bid.

Meanwhile our economics editor Stephanie Flanders has been trying to find out if anything could have been done to prevent the crisis, and who if anyone is responsible. As the Federal Reserve considers whether to cut interest rates tomorrow - we'll be comparing the Bank of England's approach - and asking if their strategy to deal with the financial crisis was the right one.

Lib Dems
In the last of our series of interviews with the party leaders, Sir Menzies Campbell is in the spotlight. He's cross examined by Stephanie and our political correspondent David Grossman - and says he has no intention of stepping down as leader, and would be happy to invite Charles Kennedy to the front bench if he so wished. Watch a preview here.

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