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Tuesday, 4th September, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 4 Sep 07, 05:51 PM

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said he wants to encourage greater engagement in a new style of politics. Yet today he brushed off calls to go up against Conservative leader, David Cameron in a TV debate insisting there were "plenty of opportunities" for him to be questioned already. Questioned by our Poliitcal Correspondent David Grossman at the monthly press conference Mr Brown stressed he appeared weekly in the House of Commons at Prime Minister's Question Time and that he made regular statements to MPs. The Tories have accused Gordon Brown of "running away" from the debate.

We hope to be asking a senior member of the Cabinet why as a believer in a new style of politics Gordon Brown won't have a TV leaders debate.

He describes himself as a Muslim fundamentalist. And yet he agreed to spy on a group of young radical muslims accused of planning terrorist attacks. Eighteen young men were arrested in Canada last year and are due to stand trial in what will be the country's most high profile terrorist case. But it's the role of the informer which has caused most controversy - not least within the Muslim community with some accusing him of being a rat. That informer - Mubin Shaikh - has spoken to the BBC's Security Correspondent Gordon Corera about why he became an informer.

Leaders of Iraq's Sunni and Shia factions are to consider a series of principles on non-violence after talks involving Northern Ireland and South African politicians. The discussion were held at a secret location in Finland over the weekend. We will be bringing together a Sunni and Shia with Northern Ireland politician Jeffrey Donaldson who's been at the talks. We'll discuss whether Iraqis can learn from the lessons of previous conflicts.

The terminally-ill fundraiser Jane Tomlinson has died. The mum of three from Leeds lost her seven year battle with cancer. She'd raised one-and-three-quarter million pounds by completing marathons and other endurance events after being diagnosed with the disease. We'll be discussing what led her to great acts of altruism while she was so ill.

Time to cut the confusion?

  • Newsnight
  • 4 Sep 07, 01:38 PM

David Cameron's been warned not to abandon the Thatcher legacy by a former deputy Conservative leader.

ancramnn203.jpgMichael Ancram is calling for a return to what he calls “core Tory values” on tax and the family.

This broadside against the leadership can be seen as bad timing for the Conservatives – it comes on the day of another policy review and takes the shine off a positive opinion poll that suggests the party is just a percentage point behind Labour.

Are the policy reviews sending out conflicting messages? Are the Conservatives in danger of presenting confusing signals to the public?

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