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Monday, 3 September, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 3 Sep 07, 05:46 PM

MoD picture of troops leaving Basra palaceBASRA
As British troops complete their pull out from Basra palace, Newsnight has some stark poll findings about voters' attitude to the army's mission in Iraq. We'll bring you full details on the programme, but the most arresting headline is that over half of those polled think victory is no longer possible.

We hope to put the detailed findings to a Defence Minister. And Mark Urban will be analysing the significance of the move to Basra airport.

Gordon Brown told us today he's going to reconvene a rare procedure known as the Speaker's Conference to find out why voter turnout is so low. Could it be because there's not enough difference between what the two main parties are offering? There seems to be even less difference today, with Gordon Brown strengthening his concept of a government of "national unity" by offering two Tory MPs and a Liberal Democrat advisory roles to help formulate government policy. Is he genuinely reaching out, or trying to neutralise his opponents?

Meanwhile the Tories have made a significant step into Labour territory, by promising to stick to the government's spending plans if elected. So - if you believe in tax cuts - who on earth do you vote for now?

We'll hear from the three main parties.


The doyen of Spanish cinema is over in Britain to see one of his most celebrated films - All About My Mother - adapted into a stage play at Kevin Spacey's Old Vic. Madeleine Holt went to meet him, and discovered that in his next cinematic project he feels ready to confront an episode of Spanish history he's spent his lifetime trying to deny...

Broken Army?

  • Newsnight
  • 3 Sep 07, 04:14 PM

armyhelmet203100.jpgOn Thursday Newsnight will be devoting the whole programme to an analysis of the state of the Army. We'll have the first broadcast interview with General Sir Mike Jackson in advance of the release of his controversial autobiography, Soldier. Mark Urban will explore whether the funding and operation commitments of the Army have led to a crisis, and whether radical changes to its functions and set-up are needed. And we'll be releasing some fascinating polling about the public's attitude to the army, and its work in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And we'll be joined by a Defence Minister, who will be answering questions from a panel which will include former serving soldiers. But we'd also like to hear from you. What is the burning issue you want the MoD to address, or the one big question you want answered?

Leave your comments and thoughts below or send your message as a video - you can upload it to a video sharing website, and send us the link. (Please read these guidelines before submitting.) We'll aim to show some of them on Thursday's programme.

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