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Wednesday, 29 August, 2007

  • Gavin Esler
  • 29 Aug 07, 05:05 PM

David Cameron and the Newsnight panelWe've a special edition of Newsnight tonight in which we talk to the man who - if there really is going to be a General Election this autumn - could be British Prime Minister in a matter of weeks. David Cameron has had a bad summer. Gordon Brown - now ahead in the opinion polls - says the wheels have come off the Cameron bicycle.

I'll be joined by the Newsnight political, economic and diplomatic editors - and we'll be asking Mr Cameron questions based on the many received on this website.

Will he really raise taxes on aircraft passengers? What does he make of the widening gap between rich and poor? He says he wants to reward marriage - does that mean people who have children out of wedlock should think about tying the knot?

Click here to watch the programme now - and leave your comments below.

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