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Tuesday, 21st August, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 21 Aug 07, 04:29 PM

cameron203.jpgPoliticians and the NHS

Politicians love to do battle over the NHS so is David Cameron right about hospital closures or is he wrong? Are a whole load about to close or not? The Conservatives have their list of the 29 at risk and David Cameron has been touring the country to offer them support BUT today a member of his shadow team apologised to his local hospital saying that it was wrong that it was on the list. Since then many Trusts and hospitals on the list have also denied they are under threat. The truth? We'll be trying to find out and testing both Labour and the Conservatives' claims.


Here's a statistic the government wont like. 1.2 million 16-24 year olds are NEETs. In other words more than a million young people in the UK are " Not in Employment, Education or Training. " Jackie Long has been to Walsall to meet and hear from a number of people in this position. Should they be forced into national service? Forced to do community work? We'll be debating radical solutions to the problem

Amnesty Vs the Catholic church

This weekend in Mexico Amnesty International adopted a new aim to work to "support the decriminalisation of abortion" where a woman's health or human rights are in danger. As a result the Catholic church has asked followers to resign from Amnesty. The Bishop of East Anglia has done so after being a member for 31 years. He joins us on the programme to debate with Amnesty his decision.

A GameShow Education

It's India's newest reality TV show and over the weekend Arvind Aradhya won. The prize? A British education - a place on an engineering course at Warwick University to be precise. We'll be asking him whether he's ready for British student life.

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