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Friday, 17th August, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 17 Aug 07, 05:28 PM

Tonight’s programme is presented by Jeremy Paxman.

toriestax2_203.jpgThe former Conservative cabinet minister, John Redwood, has outlined how Britain's tax laws should change if the Tories return to power. As well as abolishing inheritance tax and raising the threshold at which workers pay higher-rate income tax, Mr Redwood wants business costs to be cut by a fifth. Political Editor Michael Crick will be finding out if the Conservative leadership are prepared to go for these policies. So will tax become the new battleground at the next election? We hope to be discussing this issue live with a senior Conservative and Labour politician.
Axe inheritance tax, Tories urge

Shares have been recovering on both sides of the Atlantic after the US Federal Reserve cut its discount rates to banks. Our Economics Editor Stephanie Flanders gives us her analysis.
US rate cut boosts global markets

The death toll from four suicide truck bomb attacks near Kirkuk in northern Iraq could be set to rise to 500, according to local officials. We speak to the US Army brigade commander on the ground in Mosul about the recovery operation he's leading and ask him if the surge is really working.
Iraq bomb death toll reaches 344

Are we seeing the slow death of magazines? Britain's best known titles from lads' magazines to women's weeklies are losing their readers in a big way. We discuss their future with two senior magazine editors.

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