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Thursday, 16 August, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 16 Aug 07, 05:28 PM

Tonight's programme is presented by Jeremy Paxman.

marketsdown_203.jpgIt's been another day of turmoil on the markets with the FTSE reacting to big falls on the Asian stock markets overnight and trading below 6,000 for the first time since October last year. So could this loss of faith in the global financial system bring us closer to a recession, or can a little fear amongst traders actually be a good thing? We'll discuss what all the uncertainty means for you.
Heavy losses sweep world markets

We have a special report on the fight for compensation in the Ivory Coast over allegations that a waste dumping scandal left 100,000 people injured, and 16 dead. The company being sued is vigorously defending the case but the victims are determined that Trafigura must pay. We'll be talking to the founder of Trafigura live on the programme.

Our Political Editor Michael Crick will have the latest on the Conservative Party's plans to open up some clear blue water on tax with Labour.

First the commercial airlines, now private jets. Our Business Correspondent Paul Mason has spent the day with the anti-flying protestors as they continue their battle to make us all care about the impact air travel has on the planet.
"Troublemakers" claim at protest

Today is also the anniversary of the 1819 massacre at Peterloo, when the British military killed 11 and injured hundreds taking part in a pro-democracy demonstration in Manchester. It had a huge influence on giving ordinary people the vote. How has the politics of demonstration changed in the ensuing two centuries, and do the ancestors of today's demonstrators deserve a more fitting memorial to their sacrifice?
Call for Peterloo statue memorial

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