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Thursday, 2 August, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 2 Aug 07, 06:33 PM

From tonight's presenter Kirsty Wark:

The actor Chris Langham has been found guilty on 15 charges of downloading child porn. He first claimed his actions were to aid his research for a new comedy series, and then said he was abused as a child, and felt an empathy with the children in the images. What will be the impact of such a high profile conviction on others who download images of child abuse - if any? And how do we break through to the thousands of people who are in denial about the reasons for their shocking actions?
Actor convicted over child porn

There was yet more sadness today for the family of Jean Charles de Menezes with the extraordinary revelation that off-duty police officers at a cricket match knew of fears that an innocent man had been shot dead by police before the head of the Metropolitan Police was told. In fact, according to the Independent Police Complaints Commission report which was published today, the head of The Met, Sir Ian Blair, was almost totally uninformed of events following the death of Mr Menezes. Robin Denselow delves into the report.
Anti-terror police "misled" public

The Mississippi River in Minneapolis is a scene of devastation. It follows the collapse of a major bridge, a crucial artery, at evening rush hour which sent cars and people tumbling in an avalanche of concrete and steel. So far four people have died and dozens are still missing. But it could have been even worse had four of the eight lanes not been closed for repairs. We will be looking at the science of bridges and what structural engineers and architects need to consider to avoid these types of disasters.
Bid to recover Mississippi bodies

The major international focus on Iran has been to challenge its nuclear programme, but the greater pressure on President Ahmadinejad may be pressure from within the country over the economy. This huge oil producer has even been reduced to rationing petrol. As Britain and the US push for new sanctions against Iran could the economy be the undoing of the hardline president?

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