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Wednesday, 1 August, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 1 Aug 07, 05:03 PM

Tonight's programme is presented by Jeremy Paxman.

From the programme producer Jasmin Buttar:

Sham Marriages
brides_152152.jpgTonight, in an undercover investigation, we reveal how the expansion of the European Union is providing new opportunities for those looking for a way to gain British residency. We show how Polish women - who now have the right to live and work here - are being approached and offered thousands of pounds to marry men who want to settle in the UK.

British Airways
“Any person who flew on a British airways flight between the UK and US paid more for their airline tickets as a result of this illegal cartel” - the damning verdict of the US Department of Justice today on a price-fixing deal between British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. We'll ask what impact this latest scandal will have on the world's favourite airline.
BA's price-fix fine reaches £270m

The Taleban's deadline for 21 South Korean hostages passed this morning. We'll have the latest and will ask why President Karzai agreed to the release of Taleban prisoners in return for the freedom of an Italian but refused to do the same in this case. Who is really pulling the strings in this drama? We'll speak to a former Taleban hostage.
Afghans warned of military action

Party Funding
Our Political Editor Michael Crick has spent his day digging around the accounts of the main political parties. Could they afford to run a campaign in the event of a snap election?

The Murdoch Empire Expands
Rupert Murdoch is on the verge of adding the Wall Street Journal to his media stable. What could it mean for one of America's most prestigious newspapers and what can we learn about the Murdoch effect from the fortunes of his past acquisitions?
Murdoch wins fight for Dow Jones

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