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Tuesday, 31st July, 2007

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  • 31 Jul 07, 04:36 PM

Presented by Jeremy Paxman

It's long been an open secret in the NHS that you don't want to get sick on August 1st - the day when thousands of junior doctors traditionally start new jobs. This year we've been promised even more chaos than usual, thanks to a controversial reform which has had junior doctors marching on the streets and newspapers predicting mayhem on the wards.

With hours to go before D-day, it looks like the predictions could have been overdone. But that may have been the problem with this story from day one. Our economics editor, Stephanie Flanders, has been finding the truth behind the Great Junior Doctor Fiasco of 2007.

We hope to be bringing together a junior doctors leader and a Government minister live.

The British Army's 38 year operation in Northern Ireland comes to an end at midnight. Its support role for the police there has been the longest continuous campaign in army history, involving more than 300,000 personnel. Mark Urban will be examining the impact on both soldiers and civilians on the ground

The Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has addressed the United Nations in New York. He said the wording had been agreed on a UN resolution for the deployment of a new peacekeeping force in the Sudanese region of Darfur. Mr Brown described the problems there as the greatest humanitarian disaster facing the world. Political Correspondent, David Grossman will have the latest.

Viewers’ comments about Jeremy's interview with Sir Richard Eyre on director Ingmar Bergman's life made us think twice today on hearing that film legend Michelangelo Antonioni had died. We've sent our Culture Correspondent, Steve Smith out to answer the question is art house cinema really worth the effort? We'll also be debating this live with cinema enthusiasts who hold very different views.

You can read more about the debate by clicking here

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