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Thursday, 26 July, 2007

  • Gavin Esler
  • 26 Jul 07, 04:54 PM

It's the end of the parliamentary term and we've sent David Grossman out to see if he can come across any mad ferrets. Is there really a serious move by some people to oust David Cameron? More importantly, how well are Brown and Cameron squaring up?

We'll have a leading member of the Shadow Cabinet on the programme. And the Political Editors of The Spectator and the New Statesman will also join us live.

We'll have the latest from - unfortunately - one of Britain's new lake districts.

Tour de Farce
More allegations of doping, more supposed scandals, it must be the Tour de France. We'll discuss is it now time to scrap the race or have a drugs amnesty? What do you think? Leave us your comments below and we'll feed them into tonight's debate.

The next big thing...
Imagine if you could download pictures YouTube style from your ordinary TV. well, yiou can. But in which cutting edge place? Silicon Valley? Nope. Click here to watch Paul Mason's film right now to find out - and send us your own films here.

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