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Tuesday, 24 July, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 24 Jul 07, 03:44 PM

From tonight's presenter Emily Maitlis


The news machine tends to embrace floods for as long as the waters stay high, the power stays off, the pictures are dramatic and the streets are wet. But what happens when things appear to return to normal?

Today, the sun is out in parts of the country and the levels are beginning to recede. But for the thousands still stranded, homeless, and without supplies, it will be a long haul to dry land. We revisit the parts of Hull that suffered so badly last month and ask the government what future lessons will be learned from all this.


If you're a monkey and you have electrodes inserted in your brain, you may well take issue with the government describing the procedure as “moderate”. Indeed, you don't have to be a monkey.

A campaign group called the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection is taking the government to court to argue the fate of lab animals and has accused it of failing in its duty to keep suffering to a minimum.

Is there enough evidence of the benefits to human health to justify this type of experimentation? We'll be debating that in the studio later with a surgeon who tests on animals and then uses the results to cure people.


Hundreds of local Iraqi translators risk their lives for the British military and the Foreign Office in places where our troops are stationed. They work - often in fear - and too often for little in return. What should this country be offering them? Tonight, David Loyn brings us their story.

Pay Gap

It sounds like a cracked record. It is, in fact, a cracked record: Women fly our planes, fight in our armed forces, run our hospitals, run our country, fill our television screens etc etc etc. Yet the pay gap between them and their male counterparts won't go away. Why not?

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