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Friday, 13 July, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 13 Jul 07, 06:17 PM

From tonight's presenter, Kirsty Wark.

We hope to have a big story on Labour party fundraising. It will surprise you. Watch this space.

conrad_black_203.jpgConrad Black - once a powerful tycoon - is facing the prospect of a lengthy prison sentence, for fraud and obstructing justice. A jury in Chicago found him guilty on four of the13 counts against him. Lord Black controlled a media empire - including the Daily Telegraph - through Hollinger International, a company based in Chicago. He was convicted of defrauding the other shareholders in this company by taking millions of dollars in fees which he wasn't entitled to. He was also convicted of obstructing justice by removing boxes of documents from his office. He's said he'll appeal against the verdicts. We'll be speaking to his friend Andrew Neil and his biographer, Tom Bower.

Is Boris Johnson going to run as the Conservative Party mayoral candidate? Our Political Editor Michael Crick is on the case.

And then on Newsnight Review we continue the political theme with a review of Alastair Campbell's diaries of The Blair Years. Michael Portillo, Andrew Gilligan, Michael White and John Harris deliver their verdicts after some close reading (!) and that will be preceded by an interview with Tony Blair's former Communications Chief AKA the ultimate spin doctor about what he left out, about his temper and obsessiveness, Iraq and Dr David Kelly, Bill Clinton, oh and Princess Diana. I hope you'll be watching.

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