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Thursday, 12 July, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 12 Jul 07, 05:17 PM

By Gavin Esler

The Queen and the BBC

How could the BBC make such a mistake? We'll try to find out. Especially since it comes after the BBC was fined £50,000 by OFCOM for misleading viewers of Blue Peter over a phone-in competition.


I've been thumbing through the "Initial Benchmark Assessment Report" to the US Congress on Iraq. Some progress - a mixed bag. What will be the political implications when - as we reported on Tuesday - some prominent Republicans are already uneasy?


We're live at Wembley for a big Labour fundraising rally. How much difficulty are all the parties in when it comes to raising cash?


One of the most important yet under-covered stories is the future of this pivotal country right between Europe and the Middle East. Elections coming up; unease in the army; Turkish troops massing on the Iraq border. We've a special report.

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