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Friday, 6 July, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 6 Jul 07, 05:28 PM

Presented by Emily Maitlis.

Live Earth

liveearth_203.jpg“Would you,” one viewer asked “hold a hog roast to promote vegetarianism?” The analogy takes a moment. But it's there. Just.

Does the staging of an enormous carbon-spewing series of concerts across the globe really raise awareness of green issues? Perhaps, inadvertently, it does. Just as the hog roast - like the proverbial visit to the abattoir - really could convert you to the joys of a meat free life.

Tonight, we'll debate the point of Live Earth. We'll ask whether those involved really should practice what they preach. Or whether it's nice just to have a tree hugging sing-a-long anyway.


Gordon Brown made it clear this morning that he would be holidaying at home. No borrowed rock star villa in Barbados for him. Unfortunately, the man in charge of sanctioning the final touches to the Government of Talents is vacationing as we speak. Peter Gwynn-Jones is the man who can grant titles to the new peers. Without him nothing happens. And the Lords, as they say, are revolting.

Newsnight Review

diehard_203.jpgPresented by Martha Kearney.

Die Hard 4.0; FX's new forensic drama Dexter; photos from Fleet Street, at the National Portrait Gallery; and The Last Confession.

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Time to go tie-less?

  • Jeremy Paxman
  • 6 Jul 07, 11:29 AM

Is it time for Newsnight men to stop wearing ties? It has always been an utterly useless part of the male wardrobe. But now, it seems to me, the only people who wear the things daily are male politicians, the male reporters who interview them - and dodgy estate agents.

Of course, there are things to be said in their favour. I was talking to a psychiatrist the other day. He was wearing a tie. I wasn’t. I asked him why he still trussed himself up. He said that there were lots of patients who expected doctors to have something round their necks. It made them think he knew what he was talking about.

Well, we all need help in that department.

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