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Tuesday, 3 July, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 3 Jul 07, 03:53 PM

From Gavin Esler

Terror Cells

police12.gifWe'll have the latest on the terrorist attacks in Glasgow and London. We're working on a number of stories on the terror plots and how some of the suspects may have been radicalised. Can't say any more for now but do watch the programme.


Today some sweeping proposals on constitutional change from Gordon Brown. Is this to make government fit for the 21st century or to address the West Lothian question a particular problem for a Scottish Prime Minister? We'll be asking Jack Straw what it is all about.

Pardon Me President Bush

Yesterday Scooter Libby had a let off. President Bush ensured that he did not go to jail. Remember Scooter was the Vice President's Chief of Staff convicted after the wife of Ambassador Wilson was outed as a CIA agent. Tonight we hear from that Ambassador - Joe Wilson - about why he is not happy with the President's actions.

Environment Agency

And The "Polluter Pays"… it's a guiding principle of today's environment laws. But has the Environment Agency - still reeling from criticism over its handling of the floods - also blown its chance to force one of the world's largest chemicals companies to pay for pollution dumped here in the UK - leaving the British tax payer to foot a multi million pound bill? Susan Watts has an exclusive report.

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