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Newsnight Review - 29 June, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 29 Jun 07, 07:03 PM

Kirsty Wark is joined by Paul Morley, Miranda Sawyer and John Harris for a special extended programme from the Manchester International Festival.

Monkey posterThe panel will be reviewing: Monkey:Journey to the West, a circus opera based on the most famous of the Chinese myth cycles, the fable of the monkey king - now reinvented by Damon Albarn, Jamie Hewlett and Chen Shi- Zheng; an intriguing theatre experience by Johnny Vegas and Stewart Lee called Interiors; Perverted by Languange - a book of short fiction inspired by Manchester band The Fall (Steve Smith then speaks to namesake and singer Mark E, read more about that here); Lou Reed's British premiere of his dark, drug-infested narrative album Berlin; and the film Shrek the Third.

More about all those here - leave your reviews and comments below.

Friday, 29 June, 2007

  • Emily Maitlis
  • 29 Jun 07, 04:41 PM

Police take away the carLondon bomb
Who was trying to blow up central London - and why?

Tonight we bring you all the very latest on the bid to target the capital with a car bomb. The details we have are quite unnerving. A vehicle packed with explosives that might never have been noticed had not an ambulance crew been called to the scene for a completely unrelated matter. Twelve hours on - all we're being told is that the device was potentially viable and could have caused carnage. But do security services know more about this operation than they're letting on to us? We hope to talk to those at the Home Office later.

Those at the Home Office of course have only been in the job twenty four hours. Indeed some of them appeared - disarmingly - in news conferences today before they had even technically been announced.

A former top police chief will be advising Gordon Brown on international security issues, a former First Sea Lord will be Home Office Minister for Security. The new PM did promise a government of "all the talents" but what do his long suffering Labour MPs - who didn't make the cabinet - make of all this parachuting? Michael Crick is on the case and we'll be talking to our political panel to give us their take on an extraordinary week in British politics.

And with only two days to go before the smoking ban comes into force in England, we ask if the tobacco companies themselves are worried about falling revenues. Experience of the Irish ban suggests they still know exactly who to target and how to keep smoking numbers up. So how do they do it?

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