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Tuesday, 19 June, 2007

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  • 19 Jun 07, 05:35 PM

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"I welcome the report's clear recommendation that media payments to serving military or civilian personnel, for talking about their work, should simply not be allowed," so said Defence Secretary Des Browne in the Commons today.

He was talking about the way the MoD handled the media following the detention of 15 navy personnel by Iran in March. There was also another report today into the affair - into how the incident took place at all. Browne admitted collective failures led to the sailors’ seizure. Mark Urban will be analysing the significance of the reviews.


With the prison population topping 81,000, the Justice Secretary Lord Falconer says he will release over a thousand prisoners early to ease the overcrowding crisis. Is this the right way to be dealing with our lack of prison places? Michael Crick investigates. Join the debate here.


David Loyn meets the grandson of the former King of Afghanistan who's a member of a new secular opposition party. He tells us why his party, the National Front, which also includes communists and former warlords, is a challenge to President Karzai.


Stephen Smith has had a sneak preview of an art collection by some of Britain's top artists in aid of the NSPCC. He meets Tracey Emin - and let's say - it's a rather edgy interview.

Early prisoner release

  • Newsnight
  • 19 Jun 07, 02:08 PM

The prison population has reached over 81,000.

Lord Falconer is planning to ease overcrowding by releasing 2,000 prisoners early. Yet it was only six weeks ago that the government said they wouldn't have to resort to these measures.

Is this the right way to deal with the crisis? Who is to blame for the current overcrowding? Is it cost effective to the taxpayer or endangering the public?

Do join the debate.

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