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Thursday, 14 June, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 14 Jun 07, 05:02 PM

By Gavin Esler, Newsnight presenter.

Palestinian Fatah-affiliated policemenPalestinian conflict
Jordan's King Abdullah prophesied in December last year that the truly pessimistic scenario for the Middle East would be three civil wars in 2007 - in Iraq, in Lebanon, and in Palestine. Well, it looks like about two and a half. Tonight we'll have the latest from Gaza and the West Bank and what now looks like the schism between two Palestinian statelets, plus we hope to hear from a top level Israeli.

Control Orders
The government has been consistent in its loathing of control orders for dealing with terrorist suspects against whom there is insufficient information to bring charges. Now we learn that one of those who absconded had links to a key player in the 7/7 London bombings and the leader of the gang which tried a similar kind of mayhem but were stopped just in time. We'll debate what can be done about suspects of this type - if anything.

Live Leak
The British based company gets 200 videos from US soldiers a day. They show a side of Iraq you rarely see on the television screens. Some are incredibly distrubing showing US soldiers taunting Iraqis. And the Pentagon is trying to stop them showing their personal record of the war.

Broken Society
Do you know what a "shank" is? If you don't, then our very disturbing film from Hackney tonight will tell you about the nastiest side of our youth culture, the violence, and the hopelessness of one young man who says that if he fails his exams he will pursue a career opportunity as a crack dealer. It's the stuff of nightmares, but it is happening in our country. You can watch the film right now here and even download it as a podcast from here.

And tell us what subjects you'd like to see us tackling as part of our "Broken Society" series by joining the debate here.

Broken Society: Hackney's kids

  • Newsnight
  • 14 Jun 07, 01:40 PM

knife_bs__203.jpgIn the first of our series "Broken Society", we have a powerful film made by children in Hackney. They talk about living on the estates there: their experience of gang culture, gun and knife crime.

Earlier this year there were a series of murders of young black people in south London. Tony Blair in April said that the spate of gun attacks was part of a "distinctive black culture" rather than about poverty and deprivation.

Is he right? What's your experience of gangs and gun crime? Is it confined to one ethnic group? Do join the debate below. And tell us what subjects you'd like to see us tackling as part of our "Broken Society" series.

You can see the report here

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