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Monday, 11 June, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 11 Jun 07, 05:53 PM

By Kavita Puri, programme producer

Newsnight exclusive
We have an incredible interview with the former wife of a British Muslim extremist. She tells us how her husband tried to persuade her to carry out a suicide attack in the UK. She explains in detail how her husband showed her how to wear an explosive belt. We'll be discussing how such extremism can be tackled. Read more and watch a preview of the interview here.

Gordon Brown in IraqIraq Inquiry
The Conservatives are calling for a full inquiry into the war in Iraq. Gordon Brown, visiting Baghdad today, said it would be wrong to hold an inquiry now while British troops are still serving in Iraq. We'll be debating the issue.

Iranian Influence in Afghanistan
A high tech "shaped" bomb has been found in Kabul today. These are similar to the ones used in Iraq against Allied vehicles, and the military say could come from Iran. Alastair Leithead reports from Afghanistan on the extent of Iran's influence in the country.

Dog Eat Dog World
How many dogs should you be allowed to walk on the pavement at one time? Kensington and Chelsea have issued a by-law saying no more than two. That's just barking mad say some residents. We visit some of the richest streets in the country and meet Tory activists who are furious at the dogmatic approach taken by their Conservative council.

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