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Wednesday, 30 May, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 30 May 07, 04:45 PM

From tonight's presenter, Gavin Esler.

Kidnapped in Iraq

Our diplomatic editor Mark Urban, recently returned from Iraq, pieces together the who, what, when and how of yesterday's kidnapping of five British nationals in Baghdad.

If the kidnappers really are taking orders from a Shia militia, what do they want? And will they get it?

The leader and his deputy

Gordon Brown will be speaking tonight on the hustings for the leadership of the Labour Party - even though he does not face any challenge.

But the Conservatives today have released some information on the donors behind the Brown campaign.

We'll be having a look at that and also following up last night's Newsnight debate between the candidates for the deputy leadership.

It sparked off a renewed debate today between the candidates and their supporters.

Sierra Leone

Tony Blair's farewell tour of Africa takes him today to Sierra Leone where he is being greeted as a hero for helping end the country's catastrophic civil war.

Newsnight has commissioned a personal report from the Sierra Leone film maker Sorious Samura who says he personally would shake Tony Blair's hand to say thank you.

But he believes Britain must do even more otherwise the country could risk slipping back into chaos.

Lives of Others

If you've seen the recent film Lives of Others - about the former East German secret police, the Stasi - you'll know that all across Eastern Europe people are still trying to come to terms with their recent communist past.

In Poland the files on those who collaborated with the secret police are being made public - but in a way which some think is tearing the country apart.

Should the past remain a secret? Tim Whewell has a moving report from Poland on a great national dilemma.

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