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Wednesday, 23 May, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 23 May 07, 04:52 PM

From Gavin Esler, Newsnight presenter.

General Laurent NkundaThe Congo
We have a powerful film from Fergal Keane about the failure of the UN in the Congo. The peacekeeping mission has been powerless to act while a warlord has committed gross human rights abuses and forced tens of thousands of Congolese to leave their homes. We track down the warlord and speak to the UN about their inability to intervene.

We now have the latest energy white paper. This one argues the case for nuclear power. Does the government really intend to "consult" over the next five months or has it already made up its mind? Michael Crick is on the case, and I'll speaking to the Minister in charge.

The fast food chain McDonalds has struggled hard to change its image. No longer as secretive as it once was, McDonalds UK has launched a campaign to change the Oxford English Dictionary definition of the word "McJob".

"An unstimulating low-paid job with few prospects, especially one created by the expansion of the service sector".

Newsnight has been granted access to McDonalds to talk to staff about how they view their work - and what they think of the "McJob" label, and I've been talking to the company boss in the UK, Steve Easterbrook. You can see the full length interview here, and join the "McJob" debate here.

“Gis a McJob”

  • Newsnight
  • 23 May 07, 02:10 PM

"An unstimulating low-paid job with few prospects, especially one created by the expansion of the service sector".

That's how the Oxford English dictionary defines "McJob". McDonalds disagrees, and they have organised a petition to change the definition. MPs have joined in too today. Some have signed an early day motion saying that "McJob" is a derogatory term damaging to the people who work for the company.

Are they right? Have you worked in McDonalds - what is your experience? Or have you worked in another service sector and think McDonalds is a trailblazer as a good employer. Is this all part of a PR makeover for McDonalds? It started with healthy food and now it's about rebranding themselves as an exemplary employer. Let us know what you think.

You can watch Gavin Esler's interview with the CEO of McDonalds UK Steve Easterbrook in full here.

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