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Monday, 21 May, 2007

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  • 21 May 07, 06:04 PM

From Simon Enright, programme producer.

johnson203100.jpgMedical Morale
Why is it that doctors are paid more than ever and work fewer hours but according to James Johnson who's just been forced to resign as boss of the BMA, morale has never been lower? We'll try and answer that question - and work out whether it matters if doctors are unhappy as long as the NHS is in rude health. Please do join the debate which has already begun here.

Lebanon Clashes
There's been a a second day of bloody internal fighting in Lebanon as the army shell a Palestinian refugee camp in the North of the country. Our diplomatic editor Mark Urban will explain just why the clash is so important to the future of the Lebanese government and to the wider clashes across the middle east.

Racism in Psychiatry?
Black British men are up to eighteen times more likely to be diagnosed with a mental health issue than those that are white. Is this institutional racism? Not according to the latest evidence from the Institute of Psychiatry and they argue that calling it racism is getting in the way of treating Black Afro-Caribbean patients. We explain on the programme. Read one patient's views and experiences here.

Cutty Sark and the Stars
"We will put her back together" - the words of Dr Eric Kentley consultant to the Cutty Sark project after he'd seen the damage from this morning's fire. Tonight we'll ask why we hold the Cutty Sark in such high regard. And Our Science Editor Susan Watts has an exclusive preview of the new exhibit at the maritime museum - can the new planetarium rebuild Britain's interest in the stars.

Jeremy Paxman presents tonight's programme - leave us your thoughts below or join the medical morale debate here.

Medical morale

  • Newsnight
  • 21 May 07, 12:58 PM

doc203.jpgDoctors are better paid and work fewer hours than ever before - but according to James Johnson who has just resigned as the chair of the British Medical Association - morale has never been lower. Why? That's a question we'll try and answer tonight.

Can these two things be true: those working in the health service have never been unhappier; the NHS is in the best shape it has ever been? Back in January we asked doctors for their career experiences and got a huge response. Now we want to hear your opinion whether you work in the NHS or have had experience of using it as a patient. Join the debate below.

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