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Wednesday, 16 May, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 16 May 07, 04:23 PM

From Gavin Esler, Newsnight Presenter.

Prine HarryPrince Harry
Prince Harry is NOT going to serve in Iraq. Is this a victory for al-Qaeda and its threats? What kind of message does this send to our troops - spilling their blood is fine but not blue blood?

This week we've been focusing on Iraq. If you missed either Mark Urban's film - three days and nights with US infantry in Baghdad - or Tim Whewell and Maziar Bahari's documentary of life in one of the most dangerous parts of the capital - Sadr city - then click here. And you can visit our Iraq in-depth site here.

Grammar Schools
This is shaping up to be the first really serious internal policy row for David Cameron with his own party. It appears to be a conflict between the cherished Tory belief in meritocracy (in favour of bright children going to grammar schools) and the contrary view from Shadow Education Secretary David Willetts that "academic selection entrenches advantage, it does not spread it."

The Coronation
At the time of writing it could be that Gordon Brown will not face any challenger for the Labour leadership. We'll assess the impact of the coronation - if that's what it is - and have the result of a special Newsnight poll at the hustings for the race to be deputy leader.

A very special special relationship
David Grossman is in the United States assessing the extraordinary relationship between Blair and Bush - and trying to figure out where Gordon Brown might fit in with the Bush administration. (Personally, I doubt Mr Bush will ever yell out: "Yo! Brown.")

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