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Monday, 14 May, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 14 May 07, 05:06 PM

From Kirsty Wark, Newsnight Presenter.

nightvision203100.jpgTonight we have two extraordinary films on Newsnight. We devote much of the programme to the first of a series of reports from Mark Urban in Iraq, in which we see at first hand the US troop surge in action and gauge its impact.

Mark spent 72 hours embedded with US forces in Al Doura - a Sunni dominated area in the south of Baghdad.

He's given us a fascinating insight into the everyday dangers faced by Iraqis, and the pressures on US soldiers as they try bring security to the area, as they round up what seems like a never ending stream of insurgents, and at the same time try to win hearts and minds.

And today's confirmation by the US army that three of their soldiers have been kidnapped in Baghdad - seemingly by Al Qaeda - is just the latest indication of what they are up against.

Also tonight to mark the start of BBC cancer care week, Charlotte Esler, the fourteen year old daughter of my Newsnight colleague Gavin has made a film about her own cancer story.

Charlotte was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in November, and after treatment her cancer is now in remission.

She explains the impact it had on her and the family, and interviews another person who was diagnosed with lymphoma - Sir Menzies Campbell.

And Michael Crick will be with me for the latest on potential challengers to Gordon Brown, and the competition to become deputy leader.

And looking ahead to tomorrow, we'll be launching a key element of our coverage of the Prime Ministerial succession: The Order of the Brown Nose. Can you help us find a worthy winner?

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