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Thursday, 3 May, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 3 May 07, 06:07 PM

Election leafletsIt's been called "Super" Thursday - with voting in England, Wales and Scotland - so tonight we devote the programme to an extended UK election special.

David Grossman is travelling from north Wales to the central belt of Scotland via the north west of England to gauge reaction from voters. Jeremy Vine will be outlining the results of a specially commissioned Newsnight opinion poll from his virtual reality studio. Gavin Esler is at Alex Salmond's count in Aberdeen. Will Mr Salmond be Scotland's new first minister?

One man who already holds that title for Northern Ireland is Ian Paisley - he'll be telling us just how he expects to get on with his Sinn Fein deputy first minister.

And it will all be hosted by Jeremy Paxman. He'll be quizzing the politicians from the BBC Election studio - or that is where he'll start the programme. He'll finish in another studio entirely. It's worth watching just to see if he makes it - or whether for the first time ever Jeremy "empty chairs" himself delayed in a BBC corridor. You really can't miss this one.

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