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Thursday, 12th April, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 12 Apr 07, 05:39 PM

baghdad.203jpeg.jpgThe bomb explosion in the Iraqi Parliament, which killed 3 politicians and injured many other people, has exposed a serious breach of security in Baghdad's heavily protected Green Zone. We look at what might have happened and are joined by the US Undersecretary of State, Nicholas Burns, But What impact this will have on the US surge and exit strategies in Iraq.

Plus: Political Editor, Michael Crick is pursuing one of the key questions in the payments to sailors story. Was Downing Street involved in fielding calls to newspapers and not just observing events? He should have the answers on the programme tonight.

With Tony Blair expected to stand down within a matter of weeks, his legacy as PM is under fierce debate. US pollster, Frank Luntz, grills a room full of former Labour voters in Birmingham on their views of the outgoing Prime Minister and how they judge his leadership.

In a rare interview, Philip Glass talks to Madeleine Holt, about the power of opera and his extraordinary career.

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