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Wednesday, 11 April, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 11 Apr 07, 04:37 PM

ethicalfamily203.jpgNewsnight kills off its Ethical Man. After a year of trying to live with due consideration to his impact on the Planet, Justin Rowlatt is moving on to other challenges. The series concludes with a debate including the Environment Secretary David Miliband.

Plus: The Defence Secretary Des Browne admits errors were made in the handling of the Iranian hostages. Lib Dem Defence spokesman and former top RAF officer Tim Garden talks about how he sees the difficulties of adapting the modern military machine to the demands of 24 hour news.

Comment on Wednesday's programme here.

Ethical Issues - Your questions

  • Justin Rowlatt -
  • 11 Apr 07, 12:28 PM

logo_black_203_152.jpgTonight Newsnight's ethical man finally hangs up - or in fact composts - his green suit. After a year of trying to live ethically we'll be debating what his efforts have taught us.

But with elections pending in May we'll also be asking the political parties what they plan to do about environmental issues. Do you have a question you think we should put to them?

Your comments and thoughts are welcome below.

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