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Newsnight Review - Friday, 9 March, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 9 Mar 07, 06:50 PM

goodgerman203index.jpgMartha Kearney and panel discuss: Stephen Soderbergh's painstaking 1940s noir The Good German; ITV's Jane Austen season; Robert Lindsay in The Entertainer; and Tahmima Anam's debut novel A Golden Age.

Details of all those on the Review website and the whole programme will be available to watch on Saturday.

Panellists John Carey, Jonathan Freedland, Julie Myerson and Dotun Adebayo give their verdicts on Friday at 2300 right after Newsnight, BBC Two. You can give your verdict below.

Friday, 9 March, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 9 Mar 07, 06:20 PM

eu203.jpgEU climate change plan - how realistic are the proposals?

Plus: the new Wembley inches towards being completely ready; are Palestinians being used as human shields by Israeli soldiers? And after one woman awakes briefly from a vegetative state we ask what happens to people in comas.

Gavin hosts Friday's programme - on BBC Two, on the website, then on the blog...

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