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Wednesday, 28 February, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 28 Feb 07, 06:18 PM

milburnclarke203.jpgLabour's Alan Milburn and Charles Clarke attempt to kick-start a debate about the party's future policies. But are they really trying to kick-start a debate about the party's next leader? Jeremy speaks to them.

Plus: Carrie Gracie returns to White Horse Village to witness urban planning Chinese-style; Paul Mason is inspired to put quill to vellum over the latest market slumps; and if it wasn't Jimi Hendrix playing the Welsh national anthem, who was it?

Jeremy will wend his merry way through Wednesday's programme - watch it on BBC Two or on the website at 2230GMT. And pen your own response below.

Markets: from bad to verse

  • Paul Mason
  • 28 Feb 07, 05:02 PM

To mark the opening of a 'poetic space' for city types in London I am doing tonight's market anaylsis in verse...(You can also watch the piece here.)

When Shanghai falls by 9 per cent per night
And Greenspan speaks of doom, maybe this year
Big swinging London stock brokers take fright
Yet fundamentals say: irrational fear
For global growth's crescendo has not peaked
Nor is the cycle broke at fundament
The carnage panicked traders swiftly wreaked
Sparked from that crashing comet, sentiment

Six figure bonuses in wallets stashed,
The city guys and girls attempt sang froid
Hedged to the hilt, what if the market's crashed
Short selling leaves bank's money unalloyed
If this be worry then its cheek' unflushed
Speak but US credit, tones are hushed

Why can the screens go red if times are fine?
With too much cash in search of high returns
Some will buy plonk at prices of good wine
And when the cork is pulled their money burns...

To justify the money paid for shares
Even Chinese growth of 9 per cent
Is not enough. So traders dump their wares
We find what's been legit, and what been bent...
So do we face correction or a crash
Ask not the men who live by graphs and curves

For me I think this fallback will unwind
Corporate profits down but not yet
If you are one of the worrying kind
Worry about the big unanswered query
- Can China's ceaseless growth remain full steam
- To finance US debt, the biggest ever seen?

All forward looking statements in this rhyme
Involve risks and are only true at this time

Newsnight solves Hendrix Welsh national anthem mystery

  • Newsnight
  • 28 Feb 07, 10:49 AM

Tonight on the eve of St David's Day Newsnight will reveal the identity of the mystery guitarist.

On January 2 2007 we broadcast a distorted version of the Welsh anthem played in the style of Jimi Hendrix's Star Spangled Banner. Apparently the tape had been discovered in an abandoned recording studio. One of the other artists on the tape was a Welsh friend of Jimi Hendrix called Viv Williams. Tantalisingly they had been seen together in a pub next to the studio the week before Hendrix died. Could this be Jimi's lost last recording or perhaps Viv Williams paying homage to his friend? Newsnight viewers were sceptical.


Some claimed that the whole episode was a hoax and that the real guitarist would turn out to be the late Tich Gwilym or any of the Welsh bands who have been known to play distorted versions of "Mae'n Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau". We have found the real Viv Williams and can reveal what happened the night the track was recorded.

In the meantime here's a list of likely candidates - who do you think it was?

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