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Wednesday, 14th February, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 14 Feb 07, 09:32 PM

zambiachild203100.jpgGreg Palast investigates the vulture fund companies taking third world countries to court to recover debts.We ask what happened to debt write offs and Make Poverty History? Read producer Meirion Jones's article.

Plus, the future of courts martial for soldiers serving in Iraq; how a lack of cosmic rays may be causing global warming - we talk to the author of a new book proposing the theory (read an extract here); and Oasis songwriter Noel Gallagher celebrates his band's Brit Award for lifetime acheivement by talking to Newsnight. You can watch an full version of the interview after the programme here.

Jeremy presents Wednesday's programme on BBC Two and the web at the usual time - your comments are appreciated...

The Chilling Stars by Calder and Svensmark

  • Newsnight
  • 14 Feb 07, 04:54 PM

chillingstars203.jpgThe Chilling Stars by science writer Nigel Calder and climate physicist Henrik Svensmark outlines a controversial new theory on the origins of global warming.

The book sets out to prove that a combination of clouds, the Sun and cosmic rays - sub-atomic particles from exploding stars - have altered our climate far more than human carbon emissions.

Svensmark's research at the Danish National Space Center suggests cosmic rays play a role in making clouds in our atmosphere. A reduction in cosmic rays in the last 100 years - due to the activity of our Sun - has meant fewer clouds and a warmer Earth.

Read an extract here and leave your comments and reviews below.

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